Hayom Beat Ivanov In Rubber Game

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One of the Indonesian men's singles vices is ensured to go to the second round of Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier (DIOSSP) 2013.

 Dionysius Hayom Rumbaka was able to beat Vladimir Ivanov with 21-17 6-21 18-21.

Chasing points drama had been occurred in the first game. Ivanov played with fast tempo. As a result, Hayom was nearly lost his stamina as he fell down several times when chasing the ball. Ivanov ended the first game with his victory, 21-17. In the second game, Hayom equalized with 2 - 11. Hayom's determination was getting stronger to revenge his defeat in the first game. He seemed to be unforgiving to Ivanov, who also plays in mixed doubles together with Anastasia Chervaykova. As predicted, Ivanov was overwhelmed by his stamina in dealing with Hayom, who was born in Kulon Progo, 24 years ago. Hayom finally closed the game with his victory, 21 - 6. Hayom is considered lucky in his first match of DIOSSP event because he was still fresh had good stamina. Ivanov seemed to be overwhelmed since he had played im mixed doubles yesterday. In the third game, the chasing points drama returned. Hayom often made mistakes. in the third game, he who was born on July 3rd 1987 seemed unable to control his emotion as he seemed to be explosive on the court. When Ivanov was nearly close to Hayom's point, made the supporters anxious. However, with his powerful smashes, Hayom finally ended the match with 21 - 18.