Chong Wei Expects Taufik in the 2nd Round.

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Lee Chong Wei goes to the 2nd round of Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series 2013.

 China's men's singles, Wang Zhengming, was defeated in
three sets, 20-22, 21-4, 22-20.

Losing in the first set made Chong Wei struggled to win the second set by forcing rubber as Zhengming was only "given" four points in the second set.

"The wind factor does matter. Whoever had a good wind control wins," Chong said after the match (12/6).

Since the beginning of the second set, Chong Wei's points were poles apart with Zhengming. With a good defense, the world's best badminton player easily collected points after points.

"That was not my best performance. At the same time, my opponent played very well even though he is the China's third seed. That was also Zhengming's best performance since the last time we met in the All England last year," Chong Wei stated.

In the final set the situation changed. Zhengming defended his area very well. The third set's interval was at point 7 - 1 for Zhenming.

However after changing sides, the situation suddenly changed. Chong Wei slowly changed his way of playing as he could catch up. Good fortune was in Chong's side to entertain the fans at the stadium, Thursday (13/6).

In a battle for quarter final's ticket, Chong Wei is waiting for the classic duel; playing against Taufik Hidayat. Taufik himself is about to play his match in DIOSSP 2013 against Sai Praneeth tonight. Who will win over Chong Wei?

"I hope Taufik can show his best tonight," he added.