(Blibli Indonesia Open 2018) Owi/Butet are Heading to “Civil War” in Semi Final

Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir
Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir
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The round of 8 of Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 has been started since 12.00 PM today, where the a match between Tontowi/Liliyana and Zhang Nan/Li Yunhui started today’s tournament on field No. 1.

The match was won by Owi/Butet with the score of 21-17, 21-14. During the match, Owi/Butet managed to outplay their opponent. The Indonesian pair claimed that they played better than the match on the day before.

“Today we certainly played better than yesterday we started the game well by applying our planned game plays. Moreover, Zhang Nan was a bit confused on how he is going to play the game. The next thing is that we also managed to lead early, and suddenly Zhang Nan changed his approach to the game. We were affected by this change, so we give long shots to Zhang Nan,” as expressed by Butet during the press conference.

Avoiding to be carried on by the opponent’s approach, Owi/Butet reacted to this by changing their approach and this overturned the match after the break on point No.11.

“So, we both attack each other. We were affected by the change we actually wanted to give long shots to Zhang Nan. But during the break, Owi also realized the change in Zhang Nan’s approach, so we reacted by changing our strategy and this change helped us to overturn the game from point no. 8 or 11 to point No. 18, I lost count of how many points we managed to keep up with them. We changed our approach again to avoid playing in accordance to his approach,” she added.

After managing to overturn the match, Owi/Butet finally won the match, subsequently they are heading to the “Civil War” against either Rizky/Debby or Hafizh/Gloria on the semifinal which will be played tomorrow (7/7). Owi/Butet claimed that they are ready to face anyone. Furthermore, the both potential opponents are their junior and are younger than Owi/Butet. This result means that Indonesian mixed doubles team secured at least one place on the final game of the tournament.

“Yes we benefit from this result, we (Indonesia) have secured at least on spot in the final to whoever that place belongs to, we have been training a lot with both Hafiz/Gloria and Ricky/Debby, and the match will certainly be difficult as we know each other and they are younger than us, that’s why they really want to defeat their senior, and to us, as the senior, we don’t want to lose and we will set the winning strategy for the match. Whoever we will be facing, we must be ready to fight,” Butet added.