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(Blibli Indonesia Open) Entering Istora Stands, The Supporters Pleased by Live Music

Jakarta | The atmosphere of the semifinal round of Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF Tour Super 1000 has heated up Istora Senayan, Jakarta on Saturday (20/7). For the sake of supporting their favorite players to compete in this tournament, the supporters have come to the venue to line up for the ticket since 5 A.M. in the morning. They came from all sorts of area in Jabodetabek region.

Suasana arena makan di Blibli Indonesia Open 2019.

(Blibli Indonesia Open) Come to the 2 nd Floor before the Semifinal Match Starts

Jakarta | Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF Tour Super 1000 has entered the semifinal stage of the tournament. The supporters’ enthusiasm to support their idols is growing. This is proven by the long queue for the ticket in Istora Senayan. The atmosphere is getting ‘crazy’ in the day 5 of the tournament that is held on Saturday (20/7).

Suasana Meet & Greet Kevin Sanjaya/Marcus Fernaldi Gideon di Booth Djarum Foundation.
Suasana Meet & Greet film Susi Susanti-Love All.

(Blibli Indonesia Open) Susi Susanti-Love All Greets Supporters in Istora

Jakarta| The casts of Susi Susanti-Love All movie greets the supporters in Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF World Tour Super 1000 at Blibli Booth in Istora Senayan, Jakarta on Friday (19/7). The event that includes a Meet and Greet session was joined by the Indonesian Badminton legends, such as Susi Suanti and Alan Budikusuma.

Suasana Meet & Greet bersama Gronya Somerville dan Setyana Mapasa (Australia).

(Blibli Indonesia Open) Wow, Gronya Somerville is Kevin Sanjaya’s Fan

Jakarta | There is an interesting fact revealed during the Meet and Greet session with Gronya Somervile and Setyana Mapasa that was held at the Blibli booth in Istora Senayan, Jakarta on Friday (19/7) afternoon. This fact is revealed when the supporters asked who Gronya Somerville’s favorite player is, and she revealed that her favorite player is Kevin Sanjaya.

Seorang seniman saat membuat mural bertema badminton.
Sejumlah supporter fanatik berfoto di depan booth Djarum Foundation.

(Blibli Indonesia Open) Supporters with Unique Costume are Crowding Istora

Jakarta | There are so many ways to support the Indonesian badminton players during the Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF Tour Super 1000. As a proof, during the day four of the tournament, or the quarter-final stage, on Friday (19/7), Istora Senayan is crowded by the supporters who come to the venue with unique costume.

Antrean pengunjung Istora yang ingin menyaksikan laga perempat final Blibli Indonesia Open 2019.

(Blibli Indonesia Open) Round of 8, The Supporters are Getting ‘Crazy’

Jakarta | The Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF Tour Super 1000 has entered its quarter-final stage. The supporters’ enthusiasm to watch their favorite players are growing. As a proof, although the match will only be started at 12.00 AM, the supporters have been lining up in front of Istora Senayan, Jakarta, on Friday (19/7), since early in the Morning.

Suasana Meet & Greet Tontowi Ahmad dan Winny Oktavina Kandow.
Suasana antrean foto booth.