Women's Doubles Are Over

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Indonesia's badminton lovers will have to take a bitter pill for the second times because they will not able to see women's doubles athletes stepping in the Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier (DIOSSP) 2013 tournement


Affter Pia Zebadiah Bernadet/Rizki Amelia Pradipta And Anneke Feinya  Agustin/Della Destiara Haris had to end their journeys to the next round, Nitya Krishinda Maheswari/Greysia Polii are not luckier and they have to satisfy with the result today.

Nitya Krishinda Maheswari/Greysia Polii admitted they were very stressed out in the match. Disappointment of course, but according to

Nitya, that was their best performance for Indonesia.

“We were quite stressed out on the court. But I am pretty satisfied
the match. I wanted to win, but now is not the time," Nitya said after
the match.

They had to finish playing and admitted Yixin Bao/Shu Cheng who are
the eighth seeded in a two set match, 21-15 22-20.

“The match was pretty tough. They (Nitya/Polii-red) played very well.
We won because we have more experience. If they had played longer,
they would have won," praised Yixin.

However, Nitya admits there are so many things to take as lessons from
the today's match. “Perhaps we will raise our standard. Based on the
match, we will evaluate our physical strength and stamina for
Singapore Open. We want more than this [result]," Nitya added.

“As time goes by, we are getting more solid, however, there are things
to improve, either individually or collectively. We are still glad
playing in Indonesia. We want to prove that we can be the champion at
home. We still have the next Indonesia Open," Polii said.