Playing Calmly Is The Key Of Polii/Nitya’s Success

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After succeeding in sending the third seeds, Christinna Pedersen/Kamilla Rytter Juhl, Nitya Krishinda Maheswari/Greysia Polii is now qualified to go to quarter final after previously defeating their compatriots Gebby Ristiyani Imawan/Tiara Rosalia Nuraidah, 21-15


Although playing against compatriots, Polii said that it didn’t make

her unaware, she stayed alert for today’s match. And today,
Nitya/Polii proved their determination and the result of their hard

Chasing points drama occurred in the first set. There were times that
the points were equal. However after point 15, Gebby/Tiara were
halted, while Polii/Nitya closed the game with a victory with 21-15.

Gebby /Tiara didn’t give up just like that, in the second game, they
paid back the previous defeat and expected to have the third game
which resulted in another chasing points drama. But this time was
difficult as their journey ended in the hands of the pair who beat
Yuriko Miki/Koharu Yonemoto in SCG Thailand Open 2013 some time ago.
The 37 minute match was won by Krishinda Maheswari/Greysia Polii.
Playing calmly, is the key of their success.

“It wasn’t easy to play calmly in a critical situation yesterday.
However, we brought back the peaceful state of mind that led us to
victory,” Polii said after the match.
They stated that they were ready to face their opponent tomorrow,
either they will be Reika Kakiiwa/Miyuki Maeda or Bao Yixin/Cheng Shu.

“We were lucky to get a morning match so we can sleep and take a rest
longer to prepare for tomorrow. The strategy is to play clamly and to
have confidence just like we had yesterday and today. We are ready to
play against anyone tomorrow,” Polii said which was agreed by Nitya.