(Blibli Indonesia Open) Susi Susanti-Love All Greets Supporters in Istora

Meet & Greet session with the Susi Susanti-Love All casts.
Meet & Greet session with the Susi Susanti-Love All casts.
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Jakarta| The casts of Susi Susanti-Love All movie greets the supporters in Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF World Tour Super 1000 at Blibli Booth in Istora Senayan, Jakarta on Friday (19/7). The event that includes a Meet and Greet session was joined by the Indonesian Badminton legends, such as Susi Suanti and Alan Budikusuma.

The event gets more exciting as the movie producer, Daniel Mananta and the other casts of the Susi Susanti-Love All movie such as Laura Basuki, Gregoria Mariska and Fitriani also joining the event. During the Meet and Greet session, it is revealed that the movie will be released this year.

Susi Susanti-Love All is a coming national movie that will narrate the stories about the journey of the Indonesian women’s badminton legend, Susi Susanti. The movie is produced by ‘Damn! I Love Indonesia Movies’ along with Oreima Films and East West Synergy, with the help from Daniel Mananta and Reza Hidayat as the producers.

“Through this film I hope that the supporters will understand that back in the day, we were also be bullied if we lost the match, how the journey was to be the champion, the sacrifice of the hard work, and the daily routine at the dorm, all these will be shown in the movie,” said Susi Susanti.

Susi Susanti-Love All movie is an authentic badminton-themed movie. The movie will portray Susi Susanti’s journey from his childhood in Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat to her hardwork in the training center until she became the champion.

Susi added that the movie will portray several key matches throughout Susi Susanti’s career, especially when she won the 1992 Barcelona Olympics gold medal. On the other hand, Laura Basuki, who will play as Susi Susanti in this movie, claims that she is very happy to able to help portraying Susi Susanti’s life.

“Certainly I’m very happy, I don’t think there is anyone doesn’t want to be casted as the country’s best badminton legends,” said Laura Basuki.