(Blibli Indonesia Open 2018) Marcus/Kevin Is On The Verge of Winning Indonesia Open Title

Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo
Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo
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Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo is on the verge of winning the Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 title after they won the semifinal match, held on Saturday (7/7) and secured a spot in the final. The pair managed to defeat their Indonesian Compatriots, Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto, through a two-set match of 21-13 and 21-10 during the match that was held in Istora Senayan Jakarta.

Since the beginning of the match, Marcus/Kevin immediately took control of the game. Marcus/Kevin managed to stop Fajar/Rian’s strategy and avoid them to develop their game play. “We have been ready since the beginning of the match, where we found our rhythm of the game. While our opponent couldn’t get out of the pressure,” said Kevin.

Playing on their best form since the beginning of the match, Marcus claimed that it was only luck for Kevin and him. “Our opponent doesn’t usually play like that, we were lucky just lucky to have found our form since the beginning of the match. Fajar/Rian are our friend, but it felt like as if we were not playing against our teammates. We both want to win the game, we all want to show the best,” Marcus added.

On the other side, Kevin was not expecting to see Fajar/Rian in semifinal round. He was hoping to see the pair in the final round of the tournament. “This certainly is a good result. I was hoping to see them in the final, but the drawing result says no to that,” said Kevin.

On the final round that will be held on Sunday (8/7) the world’ No. 1 pair will see the Japanese pair, Takuto Inoue/Yuki Kaneko, who have secured a spot in the final before Marcus/Kevin after defeating Liao Min Chun/Su Ching Heng from Taiwan on a semifinal match that was held earlier on Saturday (7/7) with the score of 21-13 and 21-11.

To this date, both pairs have seen each other for three times, and all of the matches have been won by Marcus/Kevin. “The Japanese pair has a strong defense, and they don’t usually make many unforced errors. We have to be more patience and keep our focus to our game,” Kevin said.

Since Marcus was first paired with Kevin in the early 2015, Marcus/Kevin have never won any Indonesia Open titles. In contrast, the pair has won many other prestigious titles throughout their career, namely All England Open, China Open and Final Superseries.

“If we win tomorrow it’ll be meaningful to us as we’ll win it in front of the home crowd, who doesn’t want to win titles in their homeland. And since we lost during Malaysia Open, and if we can win tomorrow, it will be very meaningful to us,” Kevin said.