(Blibli Indonesia Open 2018) Berry/Hardianto’s Journey Ended in Quarter Final

Berry Angriawan/Hardianto
Berry Angriawan/Hardianto
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Berry Angriawan/Hardianto have to end their journey in Blibli Indonesia Open 2018. They lost to the Taiwanese pair, Liao Min Chun/Su Ching Heng on a 13-21, 8-21 match.

Berry/Hardianto who played brilliantly over the last few matches, failed to develop their approach on today’s match.

“Actually we made too many unforced errors on the first game, the opponent has been ready since the beginning of the game and they put us under pressure, so we failed to develop our approach. Overall, the opponents gained a lot from our mistakes while they don’t actually score by their own effort,” said Harianto.

Berry/Hardianto claimed that they feel thankful despite today’s loss, although they were hoping to have performed better on today’s match.

“I actually want to get the best result for today, but I still have to be very thankful for it. Looking back at the match, I wasn’t satisfied because we played unlike the previous matches. We have to show more power and maintain our focus on the field,” Berry adds.