Bela To Quarter Final, The Women's Singles Is The Only Remaining Indonesian

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The second round of Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier 2013 get’s Belaetrix Manuputi and Bulgaria's Petya Nedelcheva to a match.


Bela, Belaetrix's nickname, successfully stole a ticket to quarter final, after winning a two set match.

In the second set, Bela could dominate the match which was witnessed
by thousands of spectators at the stadium with 21-8. In the second set, she was faced with a fierce resistance, as a result, she won the set with 21 - 15.

"Petya's performance was predictable. I have learned her style through
video recordings. It turned out that she tends to perform the same
although I have to admit I didn't expect to win the game this soon,"
Bela described after the match.

In the eighth finals held tomorrow (13/6), Bela is awaiting for a
winner between Japan's women's singles, Mitani Minatsu, who will take
Wang Yihan's challenge in the first round, Yip Pui Yin. Responding to
her first upcoming quarter final  match, Bela admitted she wanted to
perform the best she could.

"If I may choose, I prefer play against Yip. She has an offensive type
of playing, I prefer that to Mitani's rally," she admitted.

Bela is the remaining representative of Indonesia after Hera Desi Ana
Rachmawati failed to overcome Bae Yeon Ju, 11-21, 21-13 and 17-21.
Being the only Indonesian vice doesn't make her carry the weight.

"Being the only remaining vice has become a special motivation for
me," she added.