Badminton Secured A Place Until Olympic 2020

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Good news! Badminton will still be contested in Olympic at least until 202 as stated by the Head of Indonesian Sports Committee, Rita Subowo in the middle of her visit to Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier (DIOSSP) 2013, Wednesday evening (12/6).

According to Rita, the decision was confirmed after a meeting with theboard of International Olympic Committee (IOC) some time ago. Moreover, badminton is currently gaining its participation from level C to B, meaning there will be improvements in both its matches and


Match regulation changes, the fans’ enthusiasm and the players
involved I every tournament give good impression for badminton. Those
are meant to promote badminton not only in Asia region but also

Now, some regions in America continent have introduced badminton. The
more countries participating, the more entertainments offered in every
badminton event. “We must work together with China as a country that
has the most achievements in badminton at this time in order to keep
this sports contested in Olympic,” Rita stated.

Moreover, to make it more interesting, entertainments are a must in
every event held. For instance, a shorter duration in each set and
music in every time break as we are now applying in Djarum Indonesia
Open Super Series Premier.

"We see that the visitors are very enthusiastic with DIOSSP. They are
pleased. This is also a factor that influences IOC consideration,”
Rita added.

As we all know, DIOSSP is one of the best badminton events
acknowledged by BWF. With its prestige and the level of the matches
require the upper rank athletes to take parts.

In addition, the amount of the prize offered, USD 700,000, is one of
the highest. "DIOSSP is the All England equivalence, both the scale of
the event and the players’ prestige. The only difference is the name,”
said Taufik Hidayat, a world class badminton player who decided to
retire after DIOSSP 2013.